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World Cup Betting - Why Netherlands is expected to win the World Cup

As the 2010 FIFA world cup will be held on African soil, it is certain to be thrilling. The excitement extends beyond the field and gallery, but it also reaches all betting sites. Vegas88 login Because it is the most anticipated tournament in the world, World Cup betting will break all records. The betters can choose from different varieties of bets. The most popular bets on the world cup include the expected winner of the tournament and the player who will win the golden boot. There might be a whole lot of favorites for this year's world cup but if you take into consideration the recent performances then Netherlands do have a great chance to win this year's world cup. Let's look at the reasons why Netherlands is a strong favourite for this year's tournament.

The name Oranje is often used to refer to the Netherlands team. This is because of the color of their football jersey. The team is well-known for its Total football, currently ranked fourth in FIFA's world rankings. This team achieved a remarkable world cup qualification stage, which has raised expectations for the current team. Today, two out of three Dutch people say that their team is sure to win this year's World cup and they give some reasons why they consider their team as the best.

1. The Big Four

The Dutch football team is now known for their Big Four, Wesley Snejider, Robin van Persie, Rafael van der Vaart and Arjen Robben. The chances for Netherlands to win this year's world cup highly depend on the performance of these four players. No other team in the tournament has four such technically gifted players and in their day they can individually win the game for their team. The only question that remains to be answered now is how the coach would be able to accommodate all these four players in his team.

Robin Van Persie, who plays for Arsenal in England is the most prominent of these four. He recently returned from an ankle injury and is now back to his best. Wesley Sneijder, who captioned Inter Milan for their triple tournament victories in Europe, holds the key in the midfield. He is a true player and is one of the best players the Netherlands has ever seen.

Arjen Robben, who plays for Bayern Munich, won the best player's trophy this year's Bundesliga. He suffered an injury during the team's practice session but the latest reports from the Netherland camp confirms that the player would be fit before their opening match. Rafael van der Vaart is a promising striker and can find goals from any position in the field. These Big Four players will be able to show their skills and the team will return home with the World Cup in its kitty.

2. Manager Bert

Bert van Marwijk is the coach of the Netherlands team from the year 2008. Since 2008, the Oranje has never lost a match and have won all of their qualifying matches for the World cup. The team has done well under his leadership and fans are hopeful that Bert will be able guide them to World cup glory.

3. Never won a World Cup

The Netherlands team is one of those best teams in the Europe but they don't have much to claim when it comes to World Cup. The cup was not won by Netherlands in 1970, when it was well-known for its Total football. The players are hungry now and Netherlands is widely considered a good option for World cup betting. Get to now and place your world cup bet today.

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